Knowledge is beautiful.

My curiosity and love for nature made me study geoecology and I soon fell for the scientific aspects of my subject. I love developing research strategies and new methods, number crunching, nerding with fellow scientists and I consider it a luxury to have time to really dive into a certain topic.

After finishing my PhD, however, I felt that if I was to pursue a scientific career, the time for the things I loved most about it, i.e. being out there in the wild and (literally) testing the waters and making beautiful and informative artworks out of my data, was going to shrink continuously. So I’ve since shifted my focus more and more towards data visualization and scientific illustration.

During the last years I’ve been working on tools to visualize and interactively explore incoming data from a vast sensor network, created info graphics for science communication, video tutorials for teaching and illustrations and animations to showcase scientific results and research ideas. Currently, I am working as part time project coordinator for the DFG-funded research unit Cosmic Sense at University of Potsdam. Among other responsibilities, I am in charge of maintaining the project website and coordinate project related PR.

Open to work for you!

Since the beginning of 2022, I’m also working as a freelance scientific illustrator! Get in touch to discuss your projects and ideas!

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